Worry. It takes my strength for today away. Worry it robs me of peace. Worry I cannot count the hours of sleep you have stolen. Worry you have taken the joy of the moment

I am living in and allowed it to slip by unnoticed. The child's smile of joy in a task well done. The joy of creation around me as I watch my children play in the fresh beautiful world. The moments I leave unearthed, I too often have taken worry on as a friend. Worry truly are NO friend of mine, yet I invite you to come sit at my table,my bedside and even enter into my thoughts while as I open my bible.
Worry has taken my life and emptied it of all peace. I worry in place of prayer. I take my worry and project its ugly fingers into the hearts of those around me. I pass it down to my children and drowned my marriage with worry.
Worry creates a passageway for anger, comparison, doubt, fear, discontentment. The more I worry, the more I try to control EVERYTHING as IF I had some godlike
power to change what only HE can.
What is the opposite of worry? 
Calmness, certainty, cheer, comfort, confidence, happiness, joy, pleasure, sureness, trust, unconcern, advantage, calm, contentment.

All of him and none of me!

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