Without Him

Without HIM we are nothing. Reflecting on HIS goodness in my life. Life does not happen by chance or circumstance, we make choices all day. We make choices to  walk in God's wisdom or to walk in our own worldly wisdom.
HE alone makes the sun to rise and set.
That men may know from the rising to the setting of the sun That there is no one besides Me. I am the LORD, and there is no other, Isaiah 45:6
Who am I to claim that I have created my life? I am nothing without HIS gift of salvation. I am nothing without HIS grace. HE is the one who gave me a free will to make decisions every moment of everyday. It is only by Jesus Christ's shed blood that I have forgiveness and grace. I deserve eternal separation from HIS LOVE, GRACE,MERCY and FORGIVENESS.

HE alone has gifted me this ONE life. 40498073 minutes. That number adds up to 77 years. That is the average life expectancy in America. We are granted moments each and everyday. What am I doing with this? Are we living each moment in slow dread waiting for my life to be "blessed"? What am I waiting for? That NUMBER is a gift! LIFE IS A GIFT! Do NOT take it for granted. We as Christ followers have been handed the moments in life as a gift. Unwrap it and see his GOODNESS.
The minutes of my day will most likely be filled with the tasks of motherhood. Meals, educating my children, household chores, Dr. visits and  many, many  moments of God appointed character building. SELFLESS sacrifice and love.

If I make the choice to be fully engaged in these GOD appointed moments in life , not only will I find the joy of a life fully lived, but HE will use my life to be a window to those around me. A window that allows HIS light to shine through. My children, my family, friends, strangers, they WANT to know what it is that brings this JOY and peace into my life.
It is all HIM and none of me. I am nothing without HIS salvation, HIS grace, HIS forgiveness. HIS PEACE.

I find that when I keep my eyes and heart on HIM. I experience peace and contentment. This peace is not a feeling it is a truth in my life. Feelings are subject to our circumstances, but truth stands. This peace I find through focusing on GOD'S truth is there. The presence of HIS peace is always there. Whatever may cross my path today I have this overwhelming sense of HIS love and grace and purpose. My part is making the CHOICE to grab hold of HIS goodness.

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