"When I say yes to that person, I say no to 

my children, my home..."

"Every time I say yes to that person I say no to my 

children, my home. I feel the burden and weight of not 

responding to people,but if I respond to those people 

and at the end of my life where are the souls of my six 

children?" Ann Voskamp --

Finding balance when it comes to being a wife, mother, and doing outside ministries and commitments. BE CAREFUL. Remember that your FIRST ministry MUST be your family. Find the balance. IF I begin to feel that pressure and tension when it comes to an outside activity I try to re-evaluate that commitment and whether that activity should be a part of our lives. There are seasons for everything.

Commitments/activities that I may say no to now, I may say yes to in the later years. It is SO important to not compare what you say yes to and what others choose to do or not do. We are all created so uniquely by God. He has gifted each and every family all very individually and uniquely. What I find works for our family when it comes to ministry/activities may look VERY different than what is right for another family. --Angela

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