I thought about how I have struggled through my whole life 

wondering how I could be a child of God if I struggle with SO 


The most amazing word picture came into my head... Jesus' death on the cross, HIS shed blood covering me and washing me white as snow....all I needed to do was accept this.

I pictured God in heaven looking at me and seeing me white as snow. NO MATTER WHAT DAILY SIN I STRUGGLED WITH I was still white as snow to God,
perfectly pure and accepted in HIS holy sight. HE GAVE HIS SON so that I could have this pure and unspotted presence to HIM. He does not see me as damaged or dirty.
God sees me through the blood of Jesus washed white as snow. For the VERY first time in my 35 years of life I felt secure in this knowledge and acceptance of HIS most precious gift.

Stepping heavenward a little more each day,

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