Health and Happy Husbands

My mother in law handed this book over to me close to a month ago. It sat on the shelf, unread. Christmas,family wedding,school you name it took precedence. 
With Christmas over and a few days left before school starts up I have been diving head on into "Trim Healthy Mama".  I am on day four with this book, a little over whelmed and confused would be what comes to mind. Putting that aside, I find my self  gaining some much needed "Healthful" perspective when it comes to food. 

The biggest challenge to making nutritional changes "Happy Husband". I find that honoring my husband  includes considering his thoughts and taste buds. It should not be my goal to "convince" my husband of the need for nutritional changes, but to  educate him as to why I feel these changes are needful for our family. 

This book educates the reader on food groups and what food groups go well together and which do not match well, to help the "Trim Healthy Mama" make wiser, more healthful food choices. 

I am currently working on food menus for the coming weeks, I will be attempting to include a decent amount of THM recipes. I will make an effort to include you in on this THM journey.

Angela Widdis and Pearl are sisters who share a passion for healthy mothering. Both spend hours in the kitchen experimenting with foods in ways that will nourish
their families and yet keep them slim and healthy in the process.
In their past Serene & Pearl had a career as recording artists traveling extensively for many years, even performing at the Grand Ole Opry.
They have recorded many albums from contemporary christian to country and also a lullaby CD.
After trying to juggle mothering and music they decided to settle down at their Nashville Tennessee homes and focus more on their other passion, health.
Through many years of trial and error, they have finally discovered a way of eating that beats all other previous fads.
Although they were raised on a wholesome diet, they each followed more constringent paths as they got older, which lead them from
Veganism to Rawfoodism and most ism's in between.  
Originally both girls were born in New Zealand, but moved to Australia as children where they lived for most of their teenage years.
They have since been residing in the Nashville area for the last 20yrs where both families live on a large acreage within walking distance of each other.
This has been a very convienient setup while spending the last 5 yrs writing their latest book. the first and last words of the title, along with all principal words and words longer than three letters.

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  1. What healthy changes will you be making/or continuing this new year?