The children and I have each decided to give up a activity that we enjoy, and in turn every time we would usually enjoy that activity we will be praying for the persecuted Christians around the world. I asked the children what they thought I should give up,Natalie said facebook. I am excited to be spending time praying for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ, but I will miss keeping up with many of you via facebook. I will be off of facebook for a month.
Here is the list of what we will be "fasting" from:
Angela (me): Facebook for one month-
The children will be giving up these items/activities for a week
Natalie: Drawing -
Bransen: No sweets-
Alyssa: Playing with baby doll-
Cedric:Give up my cubbie snack this week:)
Please be praying for us as we pray for the persecuted Christians.
*NOTE: The children asked if they could be a part of this "fast" with me, it was not something I asked them to participate in. I am blessed they have heart to pray for the Christians around the world that are under much persecution.

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