How do I prioritize my days?

How do I 

organize them?

1.) Pray.

2.) Understand that God may ask me to change my plans.
3.) I may not understand how it is all going to work out, but when I am following His calling I know that IT WILL ALL WORK together for good.

4.) Understand that God's good and my good may look VERY different. 

5.) Do not ignore the prompting of the Holy Spirit. If a thought idea keeps coming to mind after I have prayed about it and given the idea/thought to God...I will then carefully consider that the Holy Spirit may be nudging me to take action.

6.) Give care and concerns FULLY to God each day and truly surrender any area of my life to Him that is robbing my life of peace and joy.
7.) BE still-quiet my life, I need to be ready and able to hear His voice. All too often I clutter my life with so many activities that I cannot hear His voice.
8.) Be filled! I need to be filled with God's strength. Taking time to be alone with Him throughout the day in God's Word and in prayer. These moments may be early morning or throughout the day as I am busy with my family.

I wanted to add to this post one more thought. Yesterday afternoon I was rereading my post on "Heart of Gratitude" . I was very impressed with the continuing thought that I need to be thankful and express gratitude in the difficult circumstances that come my way in the same heart attitude that I express thankfulness for the blessings. 
Through the these trials I am now beginning to understand God's plan of goodness and faithfulness in my life! When I surrender and allow God to use "trials" to shape me into what He intends, it is then that I fully begin see the goodness of God in the storms of life.
I am taking on the challenge to praise God for all that happens in my life. I want to teach my children to PRAISE God in ALL things. God is good all the time, all the time God is good.

Stepping heavenward a little each day,

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