Have you ever looked at Gods creation and your heart ached at its beauty?

God has created such beauty. Thank you God for this earths beauty, when my heart hurts at the darkness man has made, I can and will still always look to Your beautiful creation. I will remember You are beautiful. Even when I and those around me experience much pain and hurt, I will still praise You!

Your beauty in the face of a new born baby...

...the sunrise lifting the darkness away.

The fragrant scent of  lilacs wafting through the air...

...the warm sand running through my toes, the gentle sound of waves splashing on the shore. 

The warm and brilliant  colors of autumn  leaves...

 ...the quiet and peaceful  winter landscape sleeping under a blanket of snow. 

Your beauty surrounds me. 

 Thank you God for creating this beautiful earth.
Natalie age ten
Stepping heavenward a little each day,

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