America’s unique form of democracy separates power among three branches of government: the legislative, judicial and executive. As the head of the executive branch, the president of the United States is the country’s most visible and important leader, both at home and abroad. Join HISTORY for a fresh perspective on how the Oval Office has evolved over the past 200 years through stories about the 43 men who have served as commander-in-chief. This eight-hour miniseries concentrates on the ebbs and flows of presidential power and responsibilities as each of America’s leaders deal with the events, expectations and challenges of his time.

I found this series through the Homeschooling with Netflix

I wanted something that would give  general overview of our presidents and the legacy that they have left on our country.  There are several episodes where the language is not appropriate. In addition to this,  several episodes have  references to "sex" scandals. It would be a wise to preview this video before showing it to younger children, and possibly skipping over a few brief sections. I chose to stop and explain things in a age appropriate manner with biblical world view. I did this more for the benefit of  my 4,7 and 9 year old.
I also felt that the Christian history of our country was very much down played and left out. The producers focused  a lot on the mistakes of our presidents and their failures. Overall, I would give this documentary 3 stars out of five perhaps?
I will be checking out some books from the library this week for further study. In addition to the movie and books, the children will be writing a report on  one of the presidents. They will also be writing one to three paragraphs  "If I were president..."

Stepping heavenward a little each day,

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