"Whether you realize it or not, many people with whom you come in contact every day are in desperate need of a smile or encouraging word."
"...friends and family may be troubled by the challenges of everyday life."
"...try to encourage all people who cross your path."
"So today, be a world-class source of encouragement to everyone you meet, Never has the need been greater."
--a daily walk through Pslams for woman

"The regret of misspoken words is far more painful than the regret of unspoken words. Gossip and pride are very ugly and can take hold in seconds. As woman we have so much sway with our words, we can either bring beauty and grace into a situation or pride and destruction. The misspoken words full of arrogance and pride are so smooth coming off our lips, but the aftermath is only one of regret."--Angela

"May my words be an offering of your love and grace,
let them be filled with grace this day and lift those up around me."--Angela

Stepping Heavenward a little each day,

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